Why you should learn Java in 2019?

Posted by Forcelate Team on November 04, 2018 · 2 mins read

Each programming language has their own advantages and disadvantages, their own strengths and flaws. Java, particularly, is dying for the last twenty years, but it’s still alive 👨‍💻

Java as programming language raise a lot of questions and concerns, but Java has proven that it’s one of the most popular languages according to different researches as TIOBE index

Okay, below are top reasons to start learning Java in 2019 that will definitely help dominate Java on market.

Reason #1: Popularity

Java confidently holds the 1st position in many different pieces of research. Java most demanded programming languages with 15–20% share in the market. Language popularity increase community development. Java has probably the most resources to learn right now: books, tutorials, videos, conferences and the last and not least — a lot of developers that can share the personal experience. And I’m not talking about 2nd largest StackOverflow community or 2nd most popular language at GitHub.

Reason #2: Easy

It’s no secret that some languages are really hard to understand, especially when you have not so much knowledge in math. In JavaScript, there are weird cases for example 0 == false or 0 == “0”, which to be honest doesn’t make any sense in the mathematics world. Java is really easy to understand, easy to learn, everything is logic, language is object-oriented.

Reason #3: Career

There are many interesting opportunities in different areas: Python, IoT, Blockchain, DevOps etc. But in the hot market, there is a lot of stress and pressure on software engineers. And believe me, not everybody, want to learn something new every day, stay in the office late night, visit meetup at least a few time per month. If you want at least some level of a calm atmosphere during your work — Java is a perfect choice. Salary range is something near 50K — 138K when the average salary is $93k.


Wolf of Wall Street thinking about Java

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