5 software development trend predictions in 2019

Posted by Forcelate Team on November 26, 2018 · 4 mins read

Software development or software engineering right now is one of the most highly demanded jobs in the world, especially in the free world: USA. Somebody want to believe that in near future AI will replace developers, but until then let’s learn something new.

Read below software development trend predictions in 2019 and choose wisely what you should learn to remain competitive in market

Prediction #1: Cybersecurity

Before talking about predictions or trends let me remind you that 2018 was full of different security incidents. Businesses are concerned, sometimes even terrified, with possible threats to data privacy and breaches of confidentiality.

Prediction #1: Cybersecurity Prediction #1: Cybersecurity

All along with world digitalizing process, you should think about investing in cybersecurity. Your products and services are targets for automated software that is looking for vulnerabilities in your networks and selected technologies stack. According to different researches near 40–50% of mid-sized companies suffered at least one cyber-attack over the past year 😱 That’s why in 2019 you should focus on data safety.

Prediction #2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Nothing new, yeah? I agree 🤗 Every-size companies are working or at least talking about digital transformation 😅 It is not clear for everybody what are AI capabilities: will AI help or destroy us?

Prediction #2: AI and ML Prediction #2: AI and ML

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding between AI/ML and typical business logic. Let me be clear, I am talking about comprehensive algorithms and analysis as AlphaGo. I think true AI will shape our businesses and industry in the next five year 🤖

Prediction #3: Blockchain

Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man responds to news about Blockchain Technology Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man responds to news about Blockchain Technology

Yes, I know. Blockchain technology is not that hot anymore. I agree it is not hot news anymore cause technology already move to early or even later adopt stage 👨‍💻 The blockchain is an awesome invention. I think it will change the landscape at least in the healthcare and finance industries. Blockchain development will be not only about cryptocurrencies or crypto exchanges in 2019 💰

Prediction #4: Data Science

Did you have a chance to watch House of Cards (TV series)? If not, I highly recommend watching despite story around Kevin Spacey. If yes, please remember Damian Young who played Aidan Macallan, a data scientist and NSA contractor 🤓

Prediction #4: Data Science Prediction #4: Data Science

If it possible to analyze data and create influence towards some political candidate? 🤔 Seems so and I even don’t talk about the situation with the election in the USA 🇺🇸

Prediction #5: DevOps

Are you tired when you need to develop codebase, verify all test cases, deploy to production and monitor everything? 😫 Yes, me too. I want to concentrate on the codebase, so I can improve my development skills and let somebody else deploy everything to production.

Prediction #5: DevOps Prediction #5: DevOps

DevOps is really hot right now and will become even more in 2019. Everybody wants to concentrate on feature development and sleep calmly, not worrying that servers could go down for all night 😭 Are you tired of developing features? Start looking to AWS, Docker, Kubernetes or at least our old friend Jenkins 😄

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret right now we are living in a world where each industry must improve every day or die in a few months. Even 1000+ years ago people on our planet use latin phase “Scientia Potentia Est” which translate to English as “Knowledge is Power”. Now it’s more urgent than ever 🌪