Smart Trader [CryptoTrading]

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SmartTrader is a solution to trade simultaneously on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges This solution contains web, desktop and mobile application. Easy management process allows you to save you time and make trading without any extra activities

Customer Feedback

Andriy Shyra, Managing Partner at Suprus Sp. z o.o

Forcelate team and I were working on complex cryptocurrency-related applications. They are very motivated and self organised team. People at Forcelate understand importance of being attentive to details and quality of delivery. I like working with them cause they are dedicated and goal oriented to the product we build. Thanks!

Technology stack

Backend: Java8, Spring Framework (Boot, Security, Data, Web), Tests (JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock), MongoDB (mLab), WebSockets

Web: JavaScript, Vue.js, Webpack

Desktop: Java8, Spring Framework (Boot, Security), JavaFX, WebSockets

Tools: Apache Maven, SonarQube, SonarRunner, ELK, Docker

Infrastructure: BitBucket, Jenkins, HappyApps, UptimeRobot, Webmin

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bittrex, GateIO, Hitbtc, Kraken, Poloniex