SmartMonitoring [CryptoArbitrage]

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SmartMonitoring is a solution to optimize your buy/sell strategy significantly during the trading process. An application will monitor exchanges in real-time to simplify your trading and will help you make the right strategic moves

Customer Feedback

Andriy Shyra, Managing Partner at Suprus Sp. z o.o

Forcelate team and I were working on complex cryptocurrency-related applications. They are very motivated and self organised team. People at Forcelate understand importance of being attentive to details and quality of delivery. I like working with them cause they are dedicated and goal oriented to the product we build. Thanks!

Technology stack

Backend: Java11, Spring Framework (Boot, Security, Data, Web, WebSockets), MongoDB (mLab), InfluxDB, Tests (JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock)

Web: JavaScript, Vue.js, Webpack, WebSockets (Stomp, SockJs), Bootstrap, ESLint

Tools: Apache Maven, Gradle, SonarQube, SonarRunner, Sentry, PapertrailApp, Docker

Infrastructure: BitBucket, Jenkins, DigitalOcean

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bittrex, GateIO, Hitbtc, Kraken, Poloniex